Before Ordering Valentine’s Day Flowers: Read this!

Our very own Power Arranger, Deborah De La Flor, shares some excellent expert tips below with TV talk show host Bethenny Frankel on her blog.  Ever wanted to know how to make your flowers last longer, or what’s the biggest mistake people make when buying flowers for Valentine’s Day? Hint: Don’t procrastinate. Order today!


What are the hottest flower trends right now, and what’s the most important thing to know before buying a bouquet? Get these answers and more from our go-to flower expert Deborah De La Flor at PassionRoses! Bethenny loves a reason to celebrate, so go ahead, treat yourself!

Q: If someone can’t afford a dozen roses, what’s a great alternative flower?
A: When it comes to expressing love, there’s no true substitute for the rose. If a dozen roses are beyond your budget, ask your florist for a single red rose in a water pick. The small water reservoir will keep the rose stem hydrated and looking great when it’s given as a gift. Giving a single rose sends the message that she is your one and only.

Q: Why are roses the most expensive?
A: After adjusting for inflation, the price of a rose is actually much lower today than it was decades ago. You can usually buy a dozen “cash and carry” Valentine’s Day roses at your local florist or supermarket for under $30. However, the saying “A rose is a rose is a rose” is not always true. PassionRoses are selected for their beauty and longevity.

Did you know that after harvesting a long-stem rose it takes 75 to 85 days for a rose plant to produce another bloom? That’s an average of only about 4-5 roses per year from each live stem. Roses are no longer the most expensive flower that you can buy; a single rose is much less that a hydrangea, lily, peonies and orchids.

Q: What’s the best way to make a flower arrangement last longer? Is there a made-at-home mixture or special ingredient?
A: Just like you, roses need to constantly drink clean water. Rose stems have capillaries that allow water to be drawn up to the bloom. The bloom will droop when these capillaries become blocked.

The two most common causes of blocked stems are: 
1) a period of time when the stems are allowed to dry out, and 
2) allowing the water to become dirty, green and full of bacteria. Change the water in the vase every two to three days and you will enjoy several more days of beauty.

Always use the packet of floral food you get with your purchase because it is specially formulated to control bacteria and also includes a little food for the bloom. Make sure you re-cut the stems each time you change the water to allow the roses to start taking drinking water.

Q. What are the hottest trends right now in flowers?
A: Grouping and cluster are still on-trend, and bringing in many textures by incorporating unusual containers , pieces of nature such as branches, berries, rocks, moss, bird’s nest, bark, seashells, etc.

Q: What’s the #1 thing every man should know before buying his wife/partner a floral arrangement?
A: First and foremost, you have to know the person you are purchasing for. You can’t go wrong if you buy her roses in her favorite color. Think elegant. Mixed flower arrangements made up of many colors are okay for day-to-day occasions, but nothing is as elegant as a dozen or two dozen roses, all in one color. Upscale floral greens (forget the leather leaf fern and baby’s breath) complement roses perfectly.

Roses are a Valentine tradition, so know their favorite color and maybe other favorite flowers that can be mixed in as an added accent with the roses.

Q: What is the biggest mistake people make when buying flowers for Valentine’s Day?
A: Don’t procrastinate. Waiting until February 13 or 14 will cause you to pay more for limited choices. Don’t buy the lowest price. Valentine’s Day only comes around once per year and this is not the time to shop for specials. You can get a fair price for the highest quality roses at

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