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Passion Growers make their way into Wendy’s heart on Valentine’s Day!

Passion Growers - Wendy WilliamsHosted by mother, wife and best-selling author Wendy Williams, the daily one-hour entertainment talk show broadcast live from New York features Wendy’s distinctive personality, accompanied by a mix of celebrity guests and popular segments. The Wendy Williams Show is referred to as a “breakthrough in daytime” by The New York Times.

Passion Growers receives three verbal mentions, custom digital signage and an insert of a bouquet of roses when provided as a gift to the studio audience for Valentine’s Day! Host, Wendy Williams says: “We’ve got a lot of gifts for you guys throughout the show. Do you like my flowers, by the way?” Audience: “YEAH!” Wendy: “Well, I have to say, these are from Passion Growers Roses and Passion Growers is dedicated to making beautiful, gorgeous, long lasting, high quality roses. They offer 180 varieties and, studio audience, this is your first gift of the day! You’re all going home with a bouquet!” Wendy: “Thank you Passion Growers!”

And thank you to Wendy Williams for featuring our roses on the holiday of LOVE! It was great seeing the rose arrangement up close and personal with Wendy. We look forward to spreading the love of Valentine’s Day, all year around!

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