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Extra ends Valentine’s Day in a gorgeous and lush fashion!

Passion Growers - ExtraExtra, the second-longest-running entertainment magazine on television, continues to bring a hip and fresh spin on the television news genre.  Extra is a television news update show on current events in the mass-entertainment business such as movies, TV, music, and more hosted by Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos.

Passion Growers received a verbal mention, branded on-screen signage, and a large display of Passion Growers roses with gift cards received four inserts during the Valentine’s Day giveaway! Co-Host, Maria Menounos: “And since it’s Valentine’s Day, we are hooking you up with these beautiful Passion Growers Roses.”  Co-Host, Mario Lopez: “These are the same roses used at the Miss America Pageant and The Rose Bowl and the cool thing is they last much longer than your roses that you find anywhere else! For your chance to win some just go to, but for right now let’s hand some out!  Happy Valentine’s Day ladies!”

Passion Growers’ Roses for all! We love the live studio audience aspect featured at The Grove Los Angeles – makes for an intimate setting on a national entertainment stage. Thanks Extra for helping spread the love and passion that Passion Growers embraces fully!

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