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Passion Growers on Let’s Make A Deal!

On the set of Let’s Make A Deal, Passion Growers brightens up kitchens, bedrooms, workspaces, living rooms and of course, the winning audience member’s day! Over the last two seasons, Passion Growers’ Roses have added beauty and elegance to both the sets and giveaways of Let’s Make A Deal.

Throughout the year, Passion Growers’ Roses dress the set to add a personal touch to each themed room.   Passion Growers’ Roses are also gifted throughout the year to individual contestants who receive “Roses For A Year” to decorate their own homes. You know Passion Growers is about to be won when the announcer calls out: “You’ll be lavished with two dozen elegant roses delivered to your door every month for a year from Passion Growers!”

Passion Growers Let's Make A Deal

This last May, Passion Growers was handpicked to be the themed audience gift of Mother’s Day, with everyone in the studio receiving a beautiful bouquet, and a few lucky ladies receiving a year’s supply of Passion Growers’ Roses!

During the giveaway, the announcer states, “Fresh roses for a year. Brighten your home with two dozen elegant roses from Passion Growers, delivered to your door every month, for a year!

Wayne Brady then says, “You’re getting flowers, you’re getting flowers, you all are getting flowers!

Followed by the announcer who continues with, “In honor of Mother’s Day, everyone in our audience has been given their own special rose.” Wayne Brady also raced into the audience to personally give three women who had lost the game Passion Growers’ Roses.

Tune in Weekdays to see Passion Growers on Let’s Make A Deal!

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