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Passion Growers Roses Featured on “The Bachelor”

Passion Growers The Bachelor

No TV show is more recognized for bestowing roses to a chosen few than The Bachelor, the popular dating reality series on ABC.  This season Passion Growers was selected to be that highly sought after special long stem red rose!

A heavy sigh went out from millions of viewers as they shared Sean Lowe’s heartbreak when Emily Maynard – who had called him the ‘perfect man’ made him the last bachelor eliminated before the finale of the 8th edition of The Bachelorette. Due to his overwhelming popularity with viewers, Sean was appointed The Bachelor, and had the chance to lead the Rose Ceremony and find his own true love over thirteen episodes this season.

Passion Growers long stem roses were given by Sean to the women who captured his heart in each show set in the glamorous Los Angeles estate in Agoura Hills.   Sean Lowe followed an incredible journey on his quest to find his one true love, leading him to Catherine Guidici.  Catherine was obviously ready to for marriage and romance from the first episode – having shown up in a wedding gown to her first meeting with Sean!  We bet they will chose to have roses adorn their wedding ceremony!

The Bachelor serves as a tremendous reminder that a single long stem rose serves as the perfect way to remind your own true love that they are your chosen one!

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