Rose Care and Handling

Passion Growers wants to be sure that your roses last as long as possible so that you have as much time to enjoy them as we did growing them!  Here are some important care and handling tips for ensuring the health and vitality of your Passion Growers roses.

• Fill a clean vase with room  temperature water

• Dissolve fresh flower food packet in water (follow recommended water/food ratio)

• Trim about one inch off the bottom of the stems using a diagonal cut

• Remove all foliage that will be below water level

• Place flowers immediately into vase

• Place flowers in a draft free location, away from excessive heat, cold, and direct sunlight

•Flowers drink water quickly!

Check water levels daily, adding more water and flower food solution as needed.

It is not necessary to change the water daily.  We recommend following the steps listed above when changing the water to ensure long-lasting flowers.

Important Note:

The growth of bacteria contributes to the deterioration of fresh flowers.  To minimize bacteria, wash and sanitize your containers and cutting utensils thoroughly after each use.

Most importantly enjoy, and always remember to Grow with Passion!

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