Passion Growers is Committed to Educational Goals!

The 2010 Graduating Class from the Farms that Supply our Roses on an Exclusive Basis

In 2009, Ipanema Farms, the farms that are supplying Passion Growers on an exclusive basis, have implemented a continuing education program for its employees. At Ipanema Farms and Passion Growers, we are committed to aiding employees in reaching both their personal and professional goals. Many Ipanema Farms’ employees were not able to complete their education due to extenuating circumstances however, through this program have been able to realize the pride and satisfaction that comes with this milestone accomplishment.

Their first graduating class in 2009 was comprised of 10 elementary school graduates and 5 high school graduates. To date 50 employees total have graduated and there are currently 130 employees in the study program. Employees are able to pursue this goal for only $16.00 US per month. In addition, the company pays for transportation to and from school, supplies the classroom with accredited teachers, pays for their meals, and whenever necessary gives the time at no cost to the workers to take the classes.

Join us in congratulating them!

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